About Us

About Us

Meet your aspirations through OMICS International Worldwide Online Ad Portal

OMICS International Ad portal welcomes the organizations, academic, research and the corporate entities to promote their cause through our advertisement portal.

You may be an organization looking for suitable hands on expertise from the academic or corporate world or you may be a young graduate looking for a suitable opportunity. We wish to bridge the gap by taking your aspirations, goals and aims close to the destination you wish to reach.

Our global presence in the form of 700+ Open Access Journals and 1000+ worldwide events take your information to the nook and corner of the globe, enabling you to capture their attention, wherever they are!.

We are tied up with 1000+ Academic, research, corporate, government and the non-government agencies so that you can reach scholars, academicians, policy makers, activists and entrepreneurs. You can showcase your products or services through this site or obtain services of your choice from a destination that has no bounds.